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I AM B.A.C.K !!!!

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Hello my beautiful & extravagant fashion LOVERS!!!

I know, I know it's been quite a long time since I actually blog here, but it's been super crazy the last few years.
I just finished my fashion school!!! Maybe I will post up my graduation pictures! (SEE BELOWWWWW Y'ALL)

Meanwhile, I had been busy designing and making wedding garments and decoration of pelamin (bridal backdrop) for close friends and family. Here are some piccas!

This is one of the wedding gowns I made for my elder sister's nikah ceremony.

Oh and say hi to my little babies too. I have got a few babies, they are (from up to down) Princess Magnefique Louis, Princess Mapuquie Louis and Prince Muezza Louis.

Maggy, Mappy and Muezza

Don't worry, I do not allow them to enter my work station a.k.a humble atelier... so don't have to worry about being allergic and all. :-)

With school out of the picture, I am now itching to start work! and I mean, real work. Hehe... so you lucky girls out there be ready (and guys too, are you here?)

Stay tuned while I sew up my next big projects. There's one coming up in the near future. Please pray that I get it... I am so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, in case you were wondering, the point of this post is:

HN is back.

woot! woot!

My Graduation Collection - Gemma

Walk of Honour after receiving my fashion diploma scroll... Humble and malu-malu konon haha

Models with Designer ;-)

My darling dearest Mapuquie (Mappy) fair little british short hair

The very regal Magnifique (Maggy) also a 6 months old Norwegian ??breeD??

My munchkin darling, Muezza who has won best pet award just at 5 months old!

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