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Wedding Dresses

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So I was honoured with the duty to design and make the dresses for these two ladies who happen to be my very close friends. 

As you can see they're totally different.  

The first one below is less traditional of a wedding gown and the second one is more traditional bridal all white wedding dress. I am happy to have been working for and with these brides as they have such exquisite taste in fashion. Anyway, I'll try to post more pictures when I can. Meanwhile, I'm swamped with new projects which I cannot wait to divulge once the projects complete!  Stay tuned!

Take care always! 


Latest Shoot

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This is from December last year. It  felt like such a long time ago but it's only been 4 months tops. Maybe I've been working too much. I've been busy making wedding dresses for family and friends and now I'm glad to announce that I'll be taking orders for wedding dresses starting this year, 2014. Please connect with me if you're interested.

It's been a year?

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Wow a year and more have passed! Can't believe it's been that long! Stay tuned, I will be uploading the past year... hopefully in a few coherent posts!

How've you been, fashion forwarders?


i-Style Fashion KLIA : Runway Green Launch

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29.11.2011, Kuala Lumpur International Airport –

Here are the 6 finalist that judges have painstakingly handpicked:

Here come the boxy teams to save mother earth!!!

The Launch started with a media conference and a brief talk regarding the competition, and then right after that we had our mini brunch (everyone’s favorite part…) 

As everyone is filled with all the superb pastries, BOOM straight away we were asked to go and do our shopping…here are some snapshots that I managed to take..Woot!!!

 The day end with a great smile with an enthusiastic drive to start the first task ..woot woot!

Au revoir...
Hanif Naim

To be updated on our team's journey towards making the world a better place to live in ...

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MIFW 2011

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Okay peeps here are some the photos that you all have been waiting for on what I was wearing and of course on some of the divas that attended the MIFW ( Malaysian International Fashion Week) held by MIFA .

Moi, Watty & Aisyah



Ashman Mahfudz

Lorenzo Peh

Adrian E.Morales

Zakwan Anuar & Labuchie



Jasmi Rejab




Okay enuff of us....here are some of the shots that I manage to steal from the shows:)

                                                                   Hanif Naim