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EMP 2015 Calendar

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 Hello Fashionista and nisto!!!

What an interesting week we had!!!

From sleepless nights and mornings;)
to great fantabulous events!!! Met and blessed by some great beings!!!

Recently EMP just launched their calendar for 2015 which featured MOI!

well not really me, but my clothes.!! so what are you guys waiting for?? get yourself a calendar from EMP featuring beautiful ladies and not to mentioned some great designs!!!!

 woot woot
The Launching Ceremony
Met new Friends!!

Love this shot at the backstage!!

Front Cover






So what are you guys waiting for?? Grab your copy today at EMP

~ Thank you~

Time Management in a Fashionable Way

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11) Don't waste time waiting.
From client meetings to dentist appointments, it's impossible to avoid waiting for someone or something. But you don't need to just sit there and twiddle your thumbs. Always take something to do with you, such as a report you need to read, a checkbook that needs to be balanced, or just a blank pad of paper that you can use to plan your next marketing campaign. Technology makes it easy to work wherever you are; your PDA and/or cell phone will help you stay connected.
You can be in control and accomplish what you want to accomplish - once you've come to grips with the time management myth and taken control of your time.

And to create your own planner you could check out these blog sites:

For templates that you could download and print:

Ideas :

p/s: If any of you are too lazy to make your own planner,you can order from me one!! and I will customize just for you:) all you have to do is to tell what you want and details below:)

Email: hanifnaim@hotmail.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/hanifnaim

 Till then,
Hanif Naim

I AM B.A.C.K !!!!

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Hello my beautiful & extravagant fashion LOVERS!!!

I know, I know it's been quite a long time since I actually blog here, but it's been super crazy the last few years.
I just finished my fashion school!!! Maybe I will post up my graduation pictures! (SEE BELOWWWWW Y'ALL)

Meanwhile, I had been busy designing and making wedding garments and decoration of pelamin (bridal backdrop) for close friends and family. Here are some piccas!

This is one of the wedding gowns I made for my elder sister's nikah ceremony.

Oh and say hi to my little babies too. I have got a few babies, they are (from up to down) Princess Magnefique Louis, Princess Mapuquie Louis and Prince Muezza Louis.

Maggy, Mappy and Muezza

Don't worry, I do not allow them to enter my work station a.k.a humble atelier... so don't have to worry about being allergic and all. :-)

With school out of the picture, I am now itching to start work! and I mean, real work. Hehe... so you lucky girls out there be ready (and guys too, are you here?)

Stay tuned while I sew up my next big projects. There's one coming up in the near future. Please pray that I get it... I am so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, in case you were wondering, the point of this post is:

HN is back.

woot! woot!

My Graduation Collection - Gemma

Walk of Honour after receiving my fashion diploma scroll... Humble and malu-malu konon haha

Models with Designer ;-)

My darling dearest Mapuquie (Mappy) fair little british short hair

The very regal Magnifique (Maggy) also a 6 months old Norwegian ??breeD??

My munchkin darling, Muezza who has won best pet award just at 5 months old!

Wedding Dresses

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So I was honoured with the duty to design and make the dresses for these two ladies who happen to be my very close friends. 

As you can see they're totally different.  

The first one below is less traditional of a wedding gown and the second one is more traditional bridal all white wedding dress. I am happy to have been working for and with these brides as they have such exquisite taste in fashion. Anyway, I'll try to post more pictures when I can. Meanwhile, I'm swamped with new projects which I cannot wait to divulge once the projects complete!  Stay tuned!

Take care always! 


Latest Shoot

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This is from December last year. It  felt like such a long time ago but it's only been 4 months tops. Maybe I've been working too much. I've been busy making wedding dresses for family and friends and now I'm glad to announce that I'll be taking orders for wedding dresses starting this year, 2014. Please connect with me if you're interested.

It's been a year?

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Wow a year and more have passed! Can't believe it's been that long! Stay tuned, I will be uploading the past year... hopefully in a few coherent posts!

How've you been, fashion forwarders?


i-Style Fashion KLIA : Runway Green Launch

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29.11.2011, Kuala Lumpur International Airport –

Here are the 6 finalist that judges have painstakingly handpicked:

Here come the boxy teams to save mother earth!!!

The Launch started with a media conference and a brief talk regarding the competition, and then right after that we had our mini brunch (everyone’s favorite part…) 

As everyone is filled with all the superb pastries, BOOM straight away we were asked to go and do our shopping…here are some snapshots that I managed to take..Woot!!!

 The day end with a great smile with an enthusiastic drive to start the first task ..woot woot!

Au revoir...
Hanif Naim

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