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After 20 long years of not realizing what God made me for this world, A long deep passion that had been buried for so long has finally came out of the surface to show me the way to success!. It was on the year of 2010,after weeks,months of self -inducing and self realization to find what God really wants me to do for the world that I came up to follow my hidden passion, that is to make people look beautiful or their best in clothes.

From a Medical student I decided to become a Fashion Designer!...I went straight up to my parents and family who have always been supportive and announced it aloud to them (I was scared to death,as the feeling is almost similar like the feeling when someone comes out of the closet or failed a national exam..lol).

At first I thought I would get a negative feed back that will pull me back to the mediocrity of life in me, But to my surprise! they were Happier than I am that I finally decided to follow what I want and what I was made for, Both my parents knew it all along but decided not to make the decision for me,So I would learn how to make my own decision and follow the things what God has always guided me to and that is the purity of life and happiness:).Since then, I have never been so alive and contented with my decision.I was the happiest man in the whole universe at that moment.

 As from that  moment,I have learned a valuable lesson.That is to follow what your heart & mind says,trust in yourself and instinct as it will lead you to a greater life! as the saying goes" Life is what you make out of it,not the other way round".It might be a bit later till one can realize or to realize what they really want,but its never too late to change :-) and at all time be optimistic and positive in life because that will automatically send a signal to the Universe to guide you to find the true path of life.....

I am now based in Kuala Lumpur, studying fashion designing full time. My home town is the coastal city of Kota Kinabalu, where I travel every other month. I personally find that it's impossible to go without nature because nature inspires me so much.

Thanks for visiting my site. I would be honoured if you'd leave a comment or two. Take care, babes!

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