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BBQ with the Voguelicious!

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Okay as promised, the BBQ photos! 

But before we go on to do that, let's see what I wore for the BBQ, shall we?

Drape Jacket - DIY
Shirt from TopShop
Everything else repeated =)

You can email me if you want to know about the Drape Jacket. Maybe someday I'll post up how to make them. Maybe...

On to glorious food served during the BBQ!

First a BBQ is never complete without a bucket of marinated chicken!!

Then you barbecue them! *after all the coal lighting and stuff, of course*

Then you serve them on plates and eat them! LOL

But since our house was filled with smoke, we had to abandon the BBQ pit and move on to the stove 

Yes, double pan because we're that hungry!

While some of us prepared something more, healthier?


And before you know it, dinner is served!

And afterwards we even had dessert, the one I baked earlier! Yaay!

Supermoist Choco Cake

So that's all for now, please wipe off your saliva from my blog. LOL



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