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A Year Ago

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Hey Guys,

Look What I Found! 
OMG I cannot believe this!
I was cleaning up my computer when I found this:

photo by mich

This was a year ago, no 2 years ago. Mid 2009. Can you believe it? I looked so... well you tell me! What do you guys think the caption of this photo should be? 

SHOUT OUT now (please)! 


The Lost Warrior

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Hey guys, sorry for the late update, been uber busy for the past few days. 
Here is what I'm wearing today

Shirt- DIY
Harem Pants- DIY
Flats from Vincci

Have a great Ramadhan and God bless us all.
Hanif naim 

21 Is Just A Number

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That signifies my age this year.

But wait! What's a ketchup sauce bottle got to do with turning 21?

Today, 3 August 2011, I thought it was going to be another day at school then go home and do more homework. From morning I was already feeling lethargic, with my heavy bag for design class... and fasting month. So it felt like any other day.

Then I just thought, oh heck, it's my birthday, I should go and at least treat some good friends to dinner! And so I did just that: rang up TGIF and made reservation for 5 and off we went. We reached there, ate and after iftar I went to the men's room.

When I came back, to my surprise, the waiter brought this!

And this is me, not crying. =D

And here are my friends, trying to look innocent, when they're the culprit who bought me the cake!

The cake was flawless though! Like me. Ha! XD

Of course, when you get something as flawless as the cake, and wonderful friends, you have to give something back. And so mine was in the form of public humiliation. The waiter, Joseph, gave me a ketchup bottle and asked, no, DEMANDED that I stand on the chair to give a speech celebrating my 21st! Hahaha! It was so unexpected.

And this was after they (THE WHOLE TGIF crew and patrons) sang me a birthday song, TWICE! Once in Malay, and another once in English.

Here's the humiliation picture of the year:-

 I am good at covering shame. Yes. =D

And they gave me a lil something something.

Which again, shamelessly, I proceeded to put on...

And, of course, model it. LOL! 21 I may be, but I haven't changed a bit. =D 

So I will leave you with a hearty laugh from dinner, and photos of the gift from the voguelicious. Have a wonderful week ahead! Off I go now, good night lovelies.


The First Time


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Morning, beauties!

Well, technically this isn't the first photo shoot I've had but it certainly is the first time dedicated to this blog. So as promised, here are the rest of the good ones.

And out-takes...

And fails...


Photo shoot Preview

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Hello Fashionistas. A few weeks ago we had the nisf syaa'ban party at my hometown house. We had a wonderful evening and even a few impromptu photo shoots!

My wonderful cousin (who also took the background photo of this blog) photographed me at the front yard. Here's a sneak preview of the shoot; more to come, so stay glued!

Photos by Miss Mich


Tribalistic, Minimalistic for Modesty on the First Day of Ramadhan


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Hello fashionistas!

It's that wonderful month of the Islamic calendar year again and we're all set to be the perfect Muslim or Muslimah that we're meant to be. This is an opportunity for me to be modest in my dressing and hope you will like what I have chosen on the First Day of Ramadhan 2011.

Shirt H&M
Pants Zara
Trinkets DIY

Have a great fasting month, for all my beloved brothers and sisters.
God bless us all!